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Lost Wax Casting

Brass Lost Wax Steel Casting

Brass Lost Wax Steel Casting

FAQ: 1. How to get a quotation? Please send us drawings in igs, dwg, step etc. together with detailed PDF. If you have any requirements, please note, and we could provide professional advice for your reference. 2. What if we do not have drawing? Samples would be available, and we would send you...

Basic Information:

Lost wax casting (also referred to as investment casting) is a process where molten brass is cast into a ceramic mold cavity created from wax injected into metal or rubber molds. Metal molds allow us to create castings with high and detailed relief.

Product Description:


lost wax casting, Investment Casting, precision casting, Silicon sol casting,



Material Grade



0.01 kg-120kg


Class CT4-CT7

Surface Roughness

Up To Ra1.6-Ra12.5

Applied Software

proe, catia, ug, solidworks, cad, pdf, etc

Heat Treatment

Anneal, Quenching, Normalizing, Carburizing, Polishing, Plating, Painting, etc

Machining Equipment

CNC Center , CNC Machines, Turning Machines, Drilling Machines , Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, etc

Measuring Tool

CMM , Projector, Vernier Caliper, Depth Caliper, Micrometer, Pin Gauge, Thread Gauge , Height Gauge, etc

QC System

Fully Inspection Before Shipment


1: Material: Brass

  • Good tensile strength and corrosion resistance: it is very suitable for industrial and outdoor use depending on its composition.

  • Stunning aesthetic appeal: it is a popular decorative and architectural project for the internal and external use of materials.

2: Manufacturing as clients' drawings

3: Perfect machining ability

4: Precision casting

5: Special design packages as clients' requirement


Construction machinery, power system, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment environment protection equipment, automobile,  marine machinery and etc.

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