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Precision Casting

Precision Casting for machining parts

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A steel casting is a method of pouring liquefied steel into a mold made of sand or ceramic mortar to produce a desired shape. The mold contains a cavity of the desired shape. After pouring, the liquefied steel is cooled, solidified, and then taken out for cleaning.

The formed product is subjected to heat treatment and further finishing. The heat treatment enhances the properties of the formed casting. Steel castings are preferred for applications requiring high strength, weldability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and suitability at low temperatures and temperatures. For example, steel castings are used to make important components in the mining, construction, military, railway, truck, and oil and gas industries.



Aluminum, Iron, stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Ductile iron brass, or on request of customer


precision casting process and machining.

3.Weight range:



As per the customer's drawings and requirements


painting,polishing, galvanization etc and as per customers" requirement

6.Heat Treatment:

Annealing, normalizing ,quenching+tempering,solution treatment and as per customer's requirement.


Factory in-house self check or Third Party inspection



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