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Precision Machining

Aluminum Precision Machining Parts

Aluminum Precision Machining Parts

FAQ: 1. How to get a quotation? Please send us drawings in igs, dwg, step etc. together with detailed PDF. If you have any requirements, please note, and we could provide professional advice for your reference. 2. What if we do not have drawing? Samples would be available, and we would send you...


Plastic processing of aluminum and aluminum alloys should ensure stable, consistent dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties and good surface quality. Care must also be taken to prevent mechanical damage and corrosion, to control grain size and texture, and these quality requirements are primarily guaranteed by production processes and equipment. Aluminum and its alloys generally have good plasticity and are easy to plastically process. The phase composition of hard aluminum is complex, and there are brittle structures such as low-melting phase and intermetallic compound. Its plastic processing has some characteristics: such as homogenization to eliminate internal stress and intragranular segregation generated when billet cooling; billet The surface is milled to remove surface segregation from the low melting phase. Some aluminum alloys are also coated with aluminum for improved corrosion resistance and processability. Aluminum alloys are sensitive to overheating and the heating temperature must be strictly controlled.


Item:Aluminum Precision machining parts




precision casting process and machining.

Weight range:



As per the customer's drawings and requirements

Surface Treatment:

painting,polishing, galvanization etc and as per customers" requirement

Heat Treatment:

Annealing, normalizing ,quenching+tempering,solution treatment and as per customer's requirement.

Quality control

Fully inspection



Product Dispaly


Metal Recycling Machine, Metal Cutting Machine, Metal forging Machinery, Metal Coating Machinery, Metal Casting Machinery´╝îetc.


Excellent mechanical properties:

  • Affordability

  • Softness

  • Durability

  • Corrosion resistance

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