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High pressure iron casting deep well submersible pump parts

High pressure iron casting deep well submersible pump parts

FAQ: 1. Are you a factory or trade company? -------We are a factory. We provide you one-stop service, from mold design to finish part. 2. Where is your factory? -------Our factory located on WuXi which is a beautiful city near from ShangHai and famous for Custom product. 3.How to order?...


Stainless steel deep well submersible pump series, shell, connection, pump head, shaft, shaft flower, guide vane, water valve, water, filter, etc. are all made of stainless steel, the movement is made of KINGSBURY thrust bearing and composite stainless steel wear-resistant material. And never rust, high quality, let you use long, reduce maintenance troubles. The maximum lift can reach 260 meters, the diving depth can reach 350 meters, and the traditional flow can be broken. The 4" submersible pump can reach up to 20m3/h. The impeller is in suspension state during the working period. The axial pressure on the motor is small, and the high lift is used. Longer life. The bedrock drilling can realize small caliber work, which can save you the drilling cost and time obviously. It is equipped with automatic liquid level electric control box, "water full", "shallow water", "automatically control electric pump opening and stopping With perfect precision overload protection, there is no need to worry about damage to the motor during normal use. The motor is lubricated by oil and water lubricated.



Ductile iron,Iron,stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, brass, or on request of customer


Silicasol casting process and machining.

3.Weight range:



As per the customer's drawings and requirements


painting,polishing, galvanization etc and as per customers" requirement

6.Heat Treatment:

Annealing, normalizing ,quenching+tempering,solution treatment and as per customer's requirement.


Factory in-house self check or Third Party inspection




By sea, air or express according to customers' requirement


Stainless steel deep well pump has a wide range of applications

Strong corrosion resistance

Made of stainless steel for long life

Highly efficient with oil-filled motors

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