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Foundry Coke

Wuxi Hoohi Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2016

Basic Info

Casting Method:Special CastingCasting Form Material:Metal

Casting Metal:Cast SteelCasting Form Usage Count:Permanent

Surface Treatment:ElectroplatingSurface Roughness:Ra0.4

Coating:WaterMachining Tolerance:+/-0.01mm

Standard:GBCertification:SGS, CE, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

60-90mm for 5mt; 80-150mm for 5-10mm;:in 1mt Big Bag in Container; in Bulk Vessel;150-300mm,:or According Customers′ Requirement

Product introduction 

Foundry coke is dedicated to cupola furnace for molten iron. It is the main fuel of cupola molten iron. Its role is melting furnace charge and overheat the molten iron. support stock column and keep well porosity. therefore foundry coke should have following characters: large size,low reactivity,small porosity and sufficient crushing resistant strength, low ash and sulfur content.



Product application

Foundry coke is widely used as the best fuel in metallurgy, casting industry. Is composed of coking coal at high temperature after cracking, condensation and carbonization process. Used in the cupola melting cast iron casting production, it is made from coke coal after dissociation, polycondensation,carbonization at high temperature. Foundry coke should adapt to the characteristics of the cupola melting process, quality ought to meet the requirements, otherwise the consumption of coke will increase, the molten iron can not reach the concerted temperature, bad for the molten iron processing out of furnace. Make the quality of high strength cast iron quality hard to stability. In addition, it will cause the cast iron all kinds of defects, poor microstructure and low mechanical property.

Grade %(min) Specification  

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