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Precision Casting Common Small Problems

Wuxi Hoohi Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Now most people are aware of stainless steel precision casting, investment casting, also known as stock wax film casting, the process is widely applicable to all types of castings, but will often encounter these little problems during the casting process!

First, the hammer stuck


1, in production, the temperature is often measured to avoid hammerhead, the cylinder temperature is too high;

2, the choice of high-quality, Precision casting non-impurity alloy materials, to avoid impurities attached to the hammer head.

Second, the injection head stuck in the gooseneck


Such as equipment at room temperature, try to turn the hammer, if you can not turn, then change the cartridge, remove the hammer. If you want to quickly solve the stuck problem, the best is to change the pot.

Third, hit the fight dozens of die when the model can not hit, wait a few minutes before they can continue to fight expected

Look to the top feedblock whether a bright spot, such as a full section is gray, then the blocked nozzle, the nozzle exit temperature may be moderately raised, lowered from the nozzle where playing time 0.1 to 0.2 seconds, the stationary mold slightly turn down the cooling water .

Fourth, die-casting thin-walled products easy to crack


This problem, the material may be a problem with mold or bad or improper set up process parameters, the proportion of waste do not try to control more than 30%, leaving die time not too long, or so per mm wall thickness 3s, Precision casting the top of the delay can not be Long, usually 0.5-2s.

Fifth, the material is too hard, easy to wear knives


With the original material ratio, no renewable materials, the use of precious stones for the production of precious stones blade.

Sixth, aluminum die-casting when there are dark spots in the polishing


Reduce the concentration of spray agent, switch to another spray agent; or longer spray after the hair time.

Seven, metal casting process of splashing


Reinstall the mold; increase the clamping force adjusting die casting machine, so that the movable, stationary mold mounting plates are held in parallel; increase in the movable mold support plate, to increase the rigidity of the lagging.

Eight, there are patterns after die-casting anodic oxidation


Spraying, injection uneven walking oil, high speed switching position or improper groove oxide copper ion content is too high will cause problems pattern, thus allowing the spray, uniformly dispersed oil injection is not gathered locally, Precision casting or set the high speed switching position, reducing Owing cast phenomenon.

Nine, die-casting mold sticky material


1, check the mold temperature is normal, moderately reduce the alloy pouring temperature and mold temperature;

2, check whether the release agent ratio is abnormal, try to replace the release agent;

3, debugging the surface of the spray location for polishing, Precision casting the mold has been nitriding, careful polishing to prevent damage to the surface of the nitride layer, forming the more throwing more sticky situation;

4, improve the design of casting system structure, to avoid continuous erosion of alloy liquid cavity wall or core;

5, modify the mold cooling system;

6, adjust the die-casting process parameters, Precision casting reduce the injection speed, shorten the second speed trip.

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