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Precision Casting Is Usually The First To Do The Needs Of The Rough Electrode

Wuxi Hoohi Engineering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

  Precision casting of the casting specifications are relatively broad

  Precision cast castings as small as a few millimeters to thousands of millimeters can be cast, the specifications are relatively wide, the usual precision casting of the smallest aperture of 1 mm below. Wall thickness of the thinnest of 0.5 mm. Precision casting to obtain a higher casting accuracy and relatively accurate shape. Precision casting is usually the first to do the needs of the rough electrode, and then apply the electrode corrosion mold to the internal, constitute the cavity. Cast casting method to cast wax, to obtain the original wax mold. In the wax mold on a layer of brush on the high temperature of the liquid sand. , Wait until enough thickness to dry. To stop the reheating, melt out the internal wax mold, and rough to obtain the cavity. And then in the cavity cast hot metal, after curing the shell will be stripped, we can get the precision manufacturing we need.

  Method of Determining Casting Surface of Precision Casting

  Casting castings in the mold where the location of the impact of precision casting quality, dimensional accuracy, modeling process difficulty.

  Selection of casting position:

  1. The important processing of precision castings or the main processing side down or on the side: pouring, the metal liquid in the gas, slag and the sand in the mold will float, it is possible to cast the upper part of the pores, Trachoma and other defects, and the possibility of defects below the casting, the organization is more dense.

  A. The position of the machine bed should be guided down to ensure the quality of the important working face. The circumferential surface of the high quality requirements, the use of vertical pouring program, the circumferential surface can be in the side, to ensure uniform quality.

  2. The large flat face of the casting or pouring pouring: As the hot metal pouring on the upper part of the mold has a strong heat radiation, causing the top of the sand type expansion arch or even crack, so that the large plane sand, sand, etc. defect. Large flat face down or inclined pouring method to avoid large plane production casting defects.

  3. The thin wall of the precision castings is facing downwards, sideways or tilted: To prevent the cold parts of the casting from being thin, and to devour the defects, place the larger wall in the lower part of the casting or make it in the side wall or Tilted position.

  4. The thick part of the precision castings should be placed on the top or on the side of the parting surface. The main purpose is to facilitate the filling of the riser at the thickness.

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